Outcomes of the 2019 AGM

IQA members voted and approved a number of the changes at the AGM on the 3rd October 2019. A key outcome was support to amend the IQA's constitution in relation to membership rights. Members overwhelmingly supported:

  • All IQA Member categories to be able to vote at future IQA Annual General Meetings
  • All IQA Member categories to be able to be eligible for IQA Board Director positions

These changes will support the IQA's direction to add more value to all members and continue to provide services and support to the diverse range of people and roles within the extractive industry. Members also voted in favour to establish the new IQA - AIQEF committee. 


IQA - AIQEF Committee

The Australian Institute of Quarrying Education Foundation (AIQEF) and the Institute of Quarrying Australia (IQA), represent the industry's most precious resource - its people.

At the 2019 AGM, members voted to approve the creation of the IQA - AIQEF Committee. The AIQEF committee and the IQA Board collaborated in preparing the IQA - AIQEF Committee Charter. It preserves the independence of the foundation and future proofs its operation, by extending the benefits of the IQA's governance and insurance structures, to the AIQEF.

The administration and conferral of AIQEF industry support, will continue business as usual through the transition and the foundation's support will continue for:

  • Annual 'Alec Northover Award'
  • Grants for
    • Training resources – (training reference material, self-paced learning material, videos, assessment tools etc)
    • Training programs – (pilot course to trial training & training workshops in a remote location)
    • Engagement of speakers – (industry dinners, technical meetings)
    • Seminars – (educational presenter fees, equipment hire etc)
  • Educational scholarships
  • Annual Auction exposure to assist with fund raising

Operating as the IQA , The AIQEF Committee will eliminate cost duplication and secure the foundation within a sound legal framework. The AIQEF Committee Charter will integrate with the IQA constitution

AIQEF Committee Members

Committee Members
  Dugald Gray
John Stanton
John Mitas
Clayton Hill FIQ
Shane Braddy FIQ
Grant Farquhar MIQ
    Chairman    David Cilento   

2019 Annual Report

Please be advised that the IQA 2019 Annual Report is now available on the IQA website and is accessible directly via this link: [[AR 2019]]

The Annual Report is the major annual publication of the IQA that includes the following:

  1. President’s report.
  2. Chief Executive Officer’s report.
  3. IQA Members & awards.
  4. Branch and Sub-branch reports.
  5. WIQ and YMN reports.
  6. Financial Statements.

Copies of the report are available on written request to:

The Secretary

The Institute of Quarrying Australia (IQA)
PO Box 1779
Milton BC Qld 4064

Archived Annual Reports