Australian Capital Territory

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WHS Requirements

WHS requirements for mining are regulated through the:

WorkSafe ACT

WorkSafe ACT's work involves:

  • education
  • compliance
  • inspectors
  • workers’ compensation
  • dangerous substances, and
  • policy and legislation.

WorkSafe ACT is responsible for administering, enforcing and educating industry on all matters pertaining to the Worker’s Compensation Act 1951 and associated legislation.

Contact details
Phone:   (02) 6207 3000

Electricity Regulators

Clean Energy Regulator

Regulator for clean energy and renewable energy (electricity).

Contact details
Phone: 1300 553 542

ACT Government - Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate

Electrical safety including licensing, inspections and certificates in ACT.

Contact details
Phone: (02) 6207 1923