NSW Statutory Requirements 

Scheme overview

  • The Maintenance of Competence Scheme was developed by the NSW Resources Regulator, in consultation with the Mining and Petroleum Competence Board. The scheme is designed to keep the knowledge and skills up-to-date of individuals who hold a practicing certificate to exercise specific statutory functions.
  • The NSW Maintenance of Competence Scheme for Practicing Certificates is detailed and it is important that NSW Quarries are aware of the changes and ongoing requirements.
  • Failure to comply with the scheme may result in suspension or cancellation of a practicing certificate. This would prevent the individual from being able to fully exercise their statutory function.

Risk profiling tool

  • Developed by the NSW Resources Regulator in consultation with the Mining and Petroleum Competence Board and Industry Representatives.
  • The Risk Profiling tool enables the user to calculate a mine’s hazard burden and help determine the qualifications for nomination as the Quarry Manager.
  • The tool assesses the quarry’s principal hazards, activity levels, mechanical and electrical complexities, staffing and output levels and generates a numeric output.
  • The output is then compared against a predetermined value to establish the conditions required to be held by the nominated Quarry Manager.
  • To obtain a copy of the Risk Profiling tool Click Here
  • There is a proposed 3 tier system        

NSW Practicing Certificate – Quarry Manager (without conditions)

For those holding a NSW Practicing Certificate – Quarry Manager (without conditions) a minimum of 90 hours professional development is required over five (5) years, with minimum and maximum hours applied for topic areas, types of learning and specific learning activities.

Learning must be undertaken in the following areas of competence:

  • Mining and WHS
  • Emergency Management   
  • Legislation
  • Leadership and Management
  • General WHS (including a mandatory 8-hour Learning from Mining Disasters course developed by the regulator).

Minimum 50% of total hours must be allocated to formal learning. (Internal training courses conducted within an organisation cannot account for more than 50% of formal learning hours claimed). Other acceptable types of learning activities and maximum hours applicable are outlined in the guide published by NSW regulator Click here

What can the IQA offer?

The IQA can assisting individuals to comply with the maintenance of competence requirements.

  • Annual schedule of IQA events and professional development products covering all competency areas over the 5 years;
  • Information supplied about events and professional development products that will aid in determining which category in the scheme they apply to, the type of learning and the allocated hours which can be claimed.
  • Logbook tool which can be used to track progress and provide reports to individuals based on framework requirements (for purchase).

    If you would like to purchase the logbook please email education@quarry.com.au

NSW Practicing Certificate – Quarry Manager (with conditions)

  • Education and ongoing professional development are essential to all job roles to ensure ongoing professional practice and industry currency.
  • Feedback from the NSW regulator indicates that there are common areas where improvement is needed in the skills and knowledge demonstrated by Quarry Managers. In particular:
  • Understanding of hazard identification and risk assessment processes, including the selection and implementation of controls.
  • Understanding of the legislation applicable to the industry; and
  • Skills and knowledge related to blasting.

What can the IQA offer?

  • IQA events and professional development products which cover these areas, and others directly related to the role of Quarry Manager
  • Guidance on planning and essential topics for professional development

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