The Institute of Quarrying Australia Honorary Fellows

An Honorary Fellow is a member who has made a significant contribution to the Institute or to the industry, or holds a position in the Institute or the Industry which merits such recognition. This is the IQA highest award and we thank our Honorary Fellows for their continued contribution to our profession.


Current Honorary Fellows of the IQA

Basil Cocks, Victoria (1965)
Robert Corkery, NSW (1981)
Peter Duffy, SA (1975)
Danny Duke, NSW (1982)
Ken Fletcher, ACT (1967)
Greg Goodsire, NSW (1975)
Sam Grima, Victoria (1978)
John Malempre, Victoria (1977)
Graeme Martin, Victoria (1975)
Bruce Neumann, Qld (1981)
Kevin Quon, Tasmania (1976)
Fred Reid, Qld (1969)
Rob Robson, NSW (1975)
Ian Stainton, NSW (1975)
Dennis Staley, Qld (1991)
Garry Utmar, Victoria (1974)
Lloyd Veal, NSW (1962)



Past Honorary Fellows of the IQA

Albert Armstrong, SA (1958)
David Barro, Victoria (1976)
Ken Mawson OAM, Victoria (1971)
Jack Burford, NSW (1969)
Eric Grogan, NSW (1982)
Sydenham Hill, Qld (1967)
Warwick Hynes, NSW (1970)
Doug Prosser, NSW (1979)
Anthony Ingram, NSW (1990)
Robert Jackman, NSW (1970)
Robert Marshall, NSW (1967)
George Neuenkirchen, SA (1965)
William Northover, Victoria (1955)
Jack Symons, Tasmania (1974)
Arthur Wilson, WA, (1975)