The Institute of Quarrying Australia Honorary Fellows

An Honorary Fellow is a member who has made a significant contribution to the Institute or to the industry, or holds a position in the Institute or the Industry which merits such recognition. This is the IQA highest award.

Current Honorary Fellows of the IQA 
   Name  Sub/Branch  Joined the IQA  
   Basil Cocks  VIC  1965  
   Robert Corkery  NSW/CW  1981  
   Peter Duffy  SA  1975  
   Danny Duke  NSW/SYD  1982  
   Ken Fletcher  ACT  1967  
   Greg Goodsir  NSW/SYD  1975  
   Sam Grima  VIC/VR  1978  
   John Malempre  VIC  1977  
   Graeme Martin  VIC  1975  
   Bruce Neumann  QLD  1981  
   Kevin Quon  TAS  1976  
   Fred Reid  QLD  1969  
   Rob Robson  NSW/SYD  1975  
   Ian Stainton  NSW/SYD  1975  
   Dennis Staley  QLD  1991  
   Garry Utmar  VIC  1974  
   Lloyd Veal  NSW/SYD  1962  
Past Honorary Fellows of the IQA
   Albert Armstrong  SA  1968  
   David Barro  VIC  1976  
   Ken Mawson OAM  VIC/VR  1971  
   Jack Burford  NSW/SYD  1969  
   Eric Grogan  NSW/SYD  1982  
   Sydenham Hill  QLD  1967  
   Warwick Hynes  NSW/SYD  1970  
   Doug Prosser  NSW/ILL  1979  
   Anthony Ingram  NSW/ILL  1990  
   Robert Jackaman    NSW/SYD  1970  
   Robert Marshall  NSW/ILL  1967  
   George Neuenkirchen  SA  1965  
   William Northover  VIC  1955  
   Jack Symons  TAS  1974  
   Arthur Wilson  WA  1975