The IQA Membership Pledge

The IQA is proud of its heritage and the contribution of its members and as a progressive and forward thinking organisation it is looking to the future. 
The IQA Membership Pledge sets out the IQA’s commitment to the industry in how it will support the quarrying profession and the Pledge from industry in supporting the IQA in its mission. The pledge is not only a chance to reaffirm commitment to the core purpose of the IQA but to increase our efforts to ensure future generations have a strong and viable IQA.

Support IQA educating and connecting pathways by

  • Encouraging and supporting quarrying related employees e.g. Operators, Quarry Managers, Graduates, Sales, Administration Professionals and Technical staff to become IQA members and to be actively involved in their professional development.
  • Supporting diversity within the quarrying industry.

Support IQA member participation and recognition by

  • Enrolling employees in educational career pathway programs.
  • Supporting employees to maintain relevant certifications (regulatory and management).
  • Sharing information including leading practice.
  • Active participation in networking, mentoring and recognition opportunities.

Support IQA members and industry by

  • Providing opportunities for IQA members and the industry for the pursuit of excellence in Australia and internationally.
  • Delivering educational and research platforms (professional development and training) through the Australasian Academy of Quarrying.
  • Providing active local IQA representation to support and mentor members including Women in Quarrying and Young Member Networks.
  • Delivering industry relevant networking opportunities.
  • Providing easy access through multifaceted forums on trending technologies and information.
  • Enhance safety and environmental performance.
  • Influencing national standards in collaboration with industry and government.
  • Providing the opportunity for companies to meet their duty of care and manage their risk in maintaining their currency of competencies.
  • Providing a consolidated single source of education career development through the Australasian Academy of Quarrying for all employees from frontline through to senior management.
  • Providing a national certification system to meet regulatory and organisational requirements.
  • Sharing leading practice via cost effective flexible delivery platforms. 
  • Recognition of member achievements through certification and IQA awards.

Thank you to our current pledge partners