Caernarfon Award

The Caernarfon A
ward is presented annually for the best paper given at an Institute conference, seminar, meeting etc anywhere in the world which is adjudged to have contributed the most to the advancement of some aspect of the industry – either technical, environmental, strategic etc.

Originally, the Caernarfon Award was endowed by the North Wales branch and it is named after the town where the very first Institute meeting took place in 1917. The endowed sum was residual income from the branch’s successful seminar on the Quarries (Explosives) Regulations in 1987. The first award was made in 1989.

The award has been made by Council in the UK in the past, but in 1998, responsibility for the adjudication was assumed by the Presidents’ Committee.


  1. The annual competition period shall be for the previous calendar year.
  2. Papers for consideration may be submitted by any of the Institute’s national bodies/branches
  3. All proposals shall reach the award co-ordinator, initially the Institute’s UK general manager, by 30 March.
  4. A short list of not more than six and no fewer than four papers will be compiled with the approval of the chairman of the most recent Presidents’ Committee meeting.
  5. The papers short-listed shall be circulated to the members of the Presidents’ Committee for review.
  6. The senior officer of each national body/branch will be asked to rank the papers in order of merit by 30 June of that year taking such advice as is necessary.
  7. In the event of a tie, the award will be adjudicated by the chairman of the Presidents’ Committee or his nominee.
  8. The order of ranking will be circulated to members of Presidents’ Committee for information.
  9. The award shall be presented to the winning author at the next annual general meeting of his/her national body / branch.
  10. The prize fund shall be administered by the Treasurer of the Institute [UK] and reviewed as appropriate by the International Presidents’ Committee.