Webinars and Workshops

The IQA has always delivered live webinars. These are generally one-hour presentations that provide an overview of a key topic area. More recently this has evolved into classroom style training, delivered live and via a virtual platform (such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams). The training mirrors a classroom style workshop where the facilitator will present information, case studies and facilitate discussion and engagement in a similar format to a face to face workshop.

IQA facilitators are seasoned industry professionals who have a current working knowledge of the industry topic, understanding the quarry industry and are practised by nature. Learning is designed to be experiential to maximise learning outcomes.

 Webinar Topic Duration  CPD Hours CPD Category
 Hazard and Risk Identification Principles  1 hour  1 hour Risk Management
 Principles of Emergency Management  1 hour  1 hour Risk Management
 Quality Control and Statistics  1 hour  1 hour Technical Training
 Electrical Awareness (general overview)  1 hour  1 hour Technical Training
 Transport and Stockpile Planning  1 hour  1 hour Technical Training
 Dealing with Neighbours and the Community  1 hour  1 hour Leadership & M'ment
 Safety and Health Management Systems  1 hour  1 hour General WHS
 Worker Health  1 hour  1 hour General WHS
 People Development and Leadership  1 hour  1 hour Leadership & M'ment
 Quarry Plant Equipment and Processes  1 hour  1 hour  Technical Training 
 What is Quarrying?  45 mins  N/A as aimed at community & schools
 What does Quarrying Produce?  45 mins  N/A as aimed at community & schools

Courses are usually scheduled in advance. If a course that the IQA offers is not scheduled please contact [email protected] as courses can always be added and scheduled.

 Virtual Workshop Topic Duration  CPD Hours CPD Category
Respirable Crystalline Silica  1 Day 7 Hours General WHS
Drug and Alcohol Awareness   4.5 Hours 4 Hours General WHS
Learning from Disasters**IQA's Approved Training Provider Number - 0004206  1 Day 7 Hours General WHS
Introduction to Quarrying  1 Day 6.5 Hours Technical Training
Quarry Products Technical Training   1 Day 6.5 Hours Technical Training
Electrical Awareness  .5 Day  4 Hours Technical Training
Slope Stability  1 Day  6.5 Hours Technical Training 
Key Account Management   4 x 1.4 Hour Modules  6.5 Hours Technical Training 
Supervising for Safety   7.5 Hours  7 Hours  Leadership &


* if an information sheet is not available for your Virtual Workshop Topic, please contact us at: [email protected]