Mental Health Awareness Booklet
Mental Health Awareness Booklet
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People living and working in rural and remote regions face serious barriers when it comes to seeking and accessing mental health services. They experience extreme weather events, financial uncertainty, economic and social change and relative isolation.

The University of Newcastle’s Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health exists to provide leadership in rural and remote mental health research. We work closely with rural communities and our partners include, health providers, government agencies, NGO’s and academic researchers
The Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health was established by the NSW Department of Health, and has been managed by the University of Newcastle since 2001.

This workbook and training was originally developed by the Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health as part of the Rural Adversity Mental Health Program with funding provided by the NSW Ministry of Health.

This field book is designed to raise awareness of mental health issues as well as providing a guide on how to provide/find support to either yourself or others. This field book does not replace the professional care your medical practitioner can provide.