Slope Stability for Quarry Managers and Supervisors

Introduction  Failure of quarry slopes such as rock faces, berm, batters, product stockpiles, overburden dumps and rehabilitation works can be a major risk area with consequences ranging from minor to major disruptions to operations, equipment damage and serious injury.

Quarry operators have a duty of care to ensure that risks associated with batter failure are identified, quantified and controlled to minimise possible unwanted consequences.

Duration The program is delivered over 1 day

Potential Participants  
  • Senior management (Area managers) 
  • Middle management (Production managers) 
  • Quarry foremen / leading hands
  • OHS professionals and site safety officers

CPD Points 7 points

Topics Covered By attending this workshop, quarry managers and supervisors will gain the following:
  • A raised awareness of the safety risks associated with batter instability and the possible consequences;
  • An understanding of the mechanisms of batter failure
  • An understanding of what the signs of batter instability are; and
  • An understanding of Safe Batter Work Practices when working the quarry
Practical tools such as face inspection checklists and safe batter design principals will be presented to enable the participant to apply these back at the workplace.