Professional Development/Training

The IQA is committed to providing informative and a leading range of technical and specialist training for the extractive industry. Educational material from the IQA is designed to keep the industry up to date with the latest regulations, along with providing pathways to develop industry careers further, while encouraging safe work practises.

With learning being a continuously evolving practise, the IQA provides education and information to all levels of the quarrying industry's workforce to promote safe work practices and further develop career growth. IQA workshops are offered online and face to face, with both formats providing an equal opportunity to broaden the scope of a person's professional development. The IQA also provides opportunities for quarrying professionals to network and socialise via conference and branch meetings, and to volunteer within the organisation, which in turn promotes professional growth and development.

The IQA's Professional Development Programs are offered face to face and online. The IQA's courses cover a range of topics relevant to the industry. Programs are scheduled based on feedback from industry, regulators and through connection with members via Branches and events. Courses are usually scheduled in advance.

If a course that the IQA offers is not scheduled, please contact [email protected] as courses can always be added and scheduled.

Current list of available courses

  Online courses       Workshops and webinars
   Toolbox Talks        IQA National Conference 2021

The majority of IQA courses training programs offer CPD hours and are aligned to the Quarry Managers Certification System (QMCS), as well as the New South Wales Resources Regulator Maintenance of Competence Scheme for Practising Certificates.

The IQA offers online courses that can be undertaken at anytime at your own pace. These courses are designed for supervisor/manager level and are a great way to train new staff or provide refresher training to existing staff. All staff completing the training will be issued with a Certification of Completion and the applicable CPD hours.

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