Quarry Manager Certification Scheme - Recipients

The following list of members have received and/or maintained their QMCS certification.

 Name  Certification
 Andrew Dronjak  CPQM
 Andrew Geue  CPQM 
 Ben Davis  CPQM
 Ben Standen  CPQM
 Bradley Zanow  CPQM
 Brett Purcell  CPQM
 Carlson Daniels  CPQM
 Christopher Hamilton  CPQM
  Darren Bass  CPQM
 Darren Zanow  CPQM
 David Leahy  CPQM
 David Gormley  CPQM
 David Parker  CPQM
 Hermann Fasching  CPQM
 J Tidswell  CPQS
 James Rowe  CPQM
 Jason Ashton  CPQS
 John Taylor  CPQM
 Kevan Barrie  CPQM
 Kevin Munday  CPQM 
 Lincoln Cooke  CPQM
 Michael Player  CPQM
 Michael Seaman  CPQS
 Paul Eimbrodt  CPQM
 Paul Gourchenok  CPQM
 Phillip Casey  CPQM
 Reno Fabretto  CPQM
 Steven Firth  CPQM
 Tony Lukritz  CPQS
 Wayne Scott  CPQM
 Winton Hunter  CPQM
CPQM - Certified Practising Quarry Manager
CPQS - Certified Practising Quarry Supervisor