Membership FAQ's

Do I have to pay the joining fee every year?

No. The joining fee is a one-off fee that is paid when you first join the IQA.

If I join mid-way through the year, do I have to pay a full years' membership fee?

No. The fees will be based on a pro-rata. If you join six months into the yearly membership cycle, then you will only pay six months of fees. You will then pay the full 12-months membership fee in the following cycle.

If my job role changes and I get promoted, can I change grades?

Yes. Membership grades are aligned to experience and roles in the industry. If you change grades, gain further qualifications or have extended time in the industry you can apply to upgrade your membership. This process recognises career progression and is strongly encouraged by the IQA. 

Can I join if I work for a supplier?

Yes. The IQA membership is open to anyone involved in the industry. There are many members who work for suppliers, or who undertake support roles. The IQA offers networking and development for everyone involved in the industry and we welcome all industry representatives.

What happens to my membership if I take maternity leave?

Your membership can be placed on hold for the time, up to 12 months, that you're on leave. On return from leave your membership will be reinstated on receipt of that years' membership renewal fee.

What happens to my membership if I change companies?

As IQA membership is for individuals, if you change companies your IQA membership will go with you. Your membership will remain current until the 30 June in the following renewal cycle. If you change company, or any other personal details, make sure you log on to the IQA website and update your details.

Who can join the IQA as a member?

Anyone involved, or interested in the industry can join the IQA as a member. Joining the IQA is easy, simply CLICK HERE to join online or download the form and send to We welcome all industry representatives from support staff, suppliers, operators, technical staff, engineers and of course those involved in quarry operations. 

What post nominals can I use as an IQA member?

The IQA's Constitution outlines the member grades and post-nominals. Members in the following grades can use post-nominals:

  • Honorary Fellow - Hon. FIQ
  • Fellow - FIQ
  • Corporate Member - MIQ
  • Technical Member - TMIQ
  • Associate Member - AIQ
  • Student Member - SIQ
  • Operator - OMIQ