Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity in the workplace is proven to increase performance and outcomes. In the last two years the IQA has moved beyond mere awareness of diversity and inclusion and has influenced the participation of women and young people in the industry through the IQA Young Member Network (YMN) and Women in Quarrying network (WIQ). 

The diversity in our industry can be embraced and further steps taken to address the growing need to approach workforce development in different ways as businesses face a number of challenges when attracting and retaining talent.

Through the WIQ and YMN network the IQA has successfully engaged 100s of people to participate in networking / education events for the first time, provided leadership opportunities for people to be engaged as speakers and on committees for the first time and profiled amazing career opportunities and leaders in the industry. 

These events harness the diversity of the people in our industry and strive to encourage greater participation by women and people of all ages and backgrounds. As the industry changes new skill sets emerge and diversity is increasing important. The IQA will continue to support events that promote diversity and inclusion. 

YMN Charter     WIQ Charter