Join a Committee

Being involved in the IQA through an event committee or via the Branches offers fantastic opportunities to develop individual leadership and strategic skills, grow your networks, support your personal development and share ideas and innovations.

You can be involved in:
- WIQ conference organising committees
- YMN event organising committees
- Branch or Sub-Branch committees
- Health and Safety organising committees
- Education reviews and even course facilitation

Being an actively involved in the IQA is not onerous.  Each committee is fully supported by a highly capable team of IQA staff.  As a committee member you will attend regular meetings and share ideas on what events / education is needed locally. If you would like to get involved please call (02) 9484 0577 or email

10 Reasons to become an IQA Committee Member

#1 Passion: Because you're passionate about your industry and the IQA. Get involved in a dynamic and vital industry.


#2 Development: Committee participation leads to uncovering business insights you can utilise on your professional and personal development. You will develop a whole new skillset and improve skills you didn't realise you had. Whether it's chairing a meeting, coaching or mentoring, or running an event, you will be able to add to your skill set.


#3: Personal Brand Building: Build your personal brand by getting involved, it's not about who you know anymore - it's about who knows you! Because it enhances your career prospects and builds strong networks.


#4 Leadership Opportunities & Experience: Experience how the IQA works and the effort that goes into growing the IQA. Through active participation on a committee, you will have the opportunity to develop leadership skills and advance through various roles, even someday progressing to become a board member.


#5 Relationships/Networking: Joining an IQA committee helps build stronger relationships with like-minded people. Professional networks are powerful in helping you reach your career goals.


#6 To lead the fun! As an IQA committee member, you are involved in organising activities and events to bring members together. There's no better feeling than seeing your idea or event come to life.


#7 Pay it forward: Give back to your industry by making a difference in committee involvement.


#8 Contribution: Contribute to the growth and future success of the IQA.


#9 Show your talents: A chance for people to see you inaction - show people how great you are!


#10 Insider sneak peeks! You'll know what's happening before everyone else!