AIQEF Alex Northover Award

To recognise the best prepared Portfolio of Evidence submitted to a Registered Training Organisation in support of the applicant seeking accreditation for either: Certificate III, Certificate IV, Diploma or Advanced Diploma in surface extractive operations against an Australian national resources and infrastructure industries training package.

Darren Zanow

Darren won because his portfolio distinguished itself from the other entries by its inclusion of extensive testimonial evidence, outstanding commitment to detail and the overwhelming quality of the support documents and detail.

CAT Continuous Improvement Award

An individual's contribution in improving and evolving their Australian extractive business through structured and measured continuous improvements in a work related activity.

Shane Burton

The continuous improvement initiative was to use a trommel bucket attachment on a 48t excavator to precondition raw feed.  This technology is used in broad acre farming to remove sticks and rocks from soil, but is rarely/never used in quarrying applications.  The success of this project came not only from the application of an idea from another industry to solve the problem, but also the rigorous process to improve the equipment/process to match site-specific conditions.

The award application was also able to clearly evidence >20% increase in throughput, allowed preconditioning of feed to occur in all weather conditions, and increased the access to clean raw feed.

We are pleased to judge Shane as the winner of this award for the smart use of HME and HME attachments in novel ways to solve practical problems on-site. 

IQA Honorary Fellow

This is the IQA highest award. An Honorary Fellow is a member who has made a significant contribution to the Institute or to the industry, or holds a position in the Institute or the Industry which merits such recognition.

Robert Jones

Bob Jones was nominated by the Victorian branch and the testimonial below summarises the Branch’s respect for Bob.

“One person that stands out in this respect is Bob Jones who was the mainstay of the Victorian Sub Branch over many years. He supported the sub branch as treasurer where meetings were predominantly held in Bendigo and in later years chaired by Adrian Bull, everyone who attended became familiar with Bob and his credit card swipe machine on the way into the meeting. Besides this his efforts to ring around and get quality speakers and attendance from the industry helped keep the only surviving country Victorian branch going over many years with good attendance and financial outcomes. Bob was tireless in his efforts and many would not appreciate the time and effort he put in but it’s fair to say without Bob the Vic Sub Branch would not have survived. 

Bob was also a dedicated supporter and committee member of the Victorian branch weekend seminars over many years where his experience in pulling together a family orientated educational weekend with members and suppliers in some of Victorias best tourist areas was invaluable. Bob once again was pretty good with the numbers and was the one we could rely on to keep these events viable by controlling the budget and working out the costs. He was an enthusiastic contributor to the regular committee meetings of which Chris Prowse and I were the other members and often supplied the refreshments that made these evening planning meetings a bit more pleasurable.

Over Bob’s career he has been a humble supporter attended and giving outstanding service to the various committees and events without seeking recognition and would be a worthy recipient of an Honorary Fellow”

David Lane

David Lane was nominated by the WA branch and the summary on David’s IQA and industry involvement easily fulfils the requirement for Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Quarrying Australia.

David joined the IQA in October 1980 and has had 36 years of continuous membership. He has had two terms as WA branch Chair in 1992 – 94 and again in 2011-14. He has always been involved over and above this position, being the Lead organiser for the WA branch hosting the IQA National Conference in 1995.

David has also been the WA Council Representative in 1992-94 and 2011-14. During periods when David was not Branch Chair he was a WA Committee member in 1992-96 and again in 2009 – present.

David received the IQA Service Award in 2012 and has himself acted as Chair of an Awards judging panel 2014 & 2014.

Beyond the IQA, David has served two terms as WA Chair on the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) and two terms as the WA Chair of the Concrete Pipe Association of Australia (CPAA). Also above these terms, David has been an active member on the NSW branch of CPAA 2006-09 and an active member of the CCAA Extractive Committee WA.

IQA Gold Hard Hat Site Safety Award

To recognize a site’s contribution to the advancement of OH&S in the quarry industry. The contribution can be a single suggestion or invention or implementation relating to equipment, processes, training, safety management, industry representation OR continued excellent performance over a period of time, which improves OH&S in the industry.

Hy-Tec Grants Head Quarry
Daniel Reed

Daniel Reed identified a common issue in quarrying whilst utilising mobile crushers – i.e. fire extinguisher is attached to the plant itself so in case of a fire you would have to approach the danger zone to access the extinguisher.

This is a common practice and has been overlooked for many years by other quarry operators
Daniel has had the initiative to create and manufacture a unit which is simple and practical and can be used for multiple benefits.
He has had the foresight to not only manufacture a unit to house fire extinguishers but he has gone further to building a sturdy station with multiple benefits such as:
1. Safety – access to first aid kit, PPE, Emergency Air Horn, Lock Out Tags etc.
2. Environmental – access to spill kit 
3. Access to HSE paperwork including SWMS’s, Permit to work etc. which also includes a stand to complete the forms 
Daniel has also gone further in ensuring the Station is easy to manoeuvre around the quarry. The finished product is a stand out Station, being painted Safety Red, which in an emergency will be easy to direct quarry workers to. This product is easily transferrable. 

Application Form  PDF (113 KB)

IQA Service Award

To recognise a member who has given outstanding service to the Institute and the industry over many years.

David Cilento

The judges made the following comments - “David has been a member of the IQA since 1994.  Since that time he has always been an active member, with extended periods as Deputy Chair and Chair of the NSW Branch and Vice President and President of the National body.  He has had an extraordinary 17 years as member of the IQA Advisory Body.  David has also been on the organising committee for National Conferences and has been a member (now Chairman) of the AIQEF.  In his professional life David has held senior positions with a number of major players in our industry. The Judging Panel received a number of outstanding nominations, however, David’s long and active contribution to the IQA made this decision an easy one. 

Application Form PDF (1245 KB)


Greg Rains

The judges made the following comments.  - “Greg has been a member of the IQA since 1999.  Since that time he has had a number of stints as Chair of the North Queensland Branch and has stood up to support and foster the Branch through numerous tough times.  The current success of the Branch is due in no small part to Greg’s continued contribution.  In his professional life, Greg has held a wide range of roles and is well known and highly respected throughout North Queensland and elsewhere.

Application Form PDF (83 KB)

Metso Excellence in Crushing and Screening Award

An individual or team leader responsible for the implementation of a modification or process change to an existing plant that has resulted in either improved productivity, energy efficiency or cost savings. Modifications can include, but not limited to improvements in mechanical, electrical, or automation design as well as improved maintenance procedures.

Phillip Pallisier

 The Mt Bundey Quarry Crusher optimisation project took a systematic approach by looking at the whole plant and diagnosing operational productivity restrictions. This project was a very cost effective solution by fine tuning each of the bottlenecks identified, totalling a low $60k.These improvements included automating the C110 primary Jaw, adjustments to the stroke of the GP200S Secondary and the GP300 Tertiary crushers, hydraulically operated bypass chute system, and a cascade arrangement on the Tarmac. The final result was a 23% increase in the production of aggregates and a 33% production improvement on crushed rock.

Application Form  PDF (251 KB)
Support Letter  PDF (141 KB)
Project Slideshow PDF (412 KB)


Retracom Sydenham (Syd) Hill Industry Award

This award recognises the contribution of an individual to the industry in general, at any level of leadership displaying characteristics and qualities consistent with the award criteria.

Ron Durrington

The judges commented that Ron had built a reputation for being the first man to pick up a shovel, willing trainer of others, including quarry managers, and great team contributor. His knowledge and experience have influenced two generations of quarrymen and women throughout Northern NSW

Application Form PDF (28 KB)


Sandvik Best Technical Paper

The best technical paper on the quarrying industry presented at an IQA meeting, published in the Quarry magazine or presented at an IQA or outside seminar or conference during the 12 months to 31 July, and includes papers submitted by that date for the 2016 IQA Conference.

Wayne Scott

The judges commented that Wayne’s paper “Why Can’t We Stop Hurting People at Work” provided a reality check for all of us and it truly had a hard hitting message. It was a clear message that applies to our industry as a whole, too often the industry is process driven instead of outcome driven when it comes to safety and health, the judges commented.

Publication PDF (1279 KB)
Slideshow PDF (1279 KB)
Slide Notes PDF (1279 KB)