Weekly Incident Summary
Week ending Friday 5 July 2019
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A forklift operator was unloading a truck, when one of the tines made contact with a crate. This pushed the crate forward, causing a domino effect that resulted in a hydraulic cylinder being pushed from the truck. A worker saw what was happening and tried to stop the cylinder from falling off the truck but failed. The worker was treated on site for bruising to his knuckles.

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Split fuel hose covers worker

A worker was refueling his forklift when the hose on the diesel bowser split spraying diesel over his head, face and top part of his body.

He washed off the diesel he could at site and was then sent home to shower and give his eyes a good rinse. The site kept in contact with him throughout the day checking how he was. He suffered a minor headache but no other problems. He returned to work the next day.

The above ground fuel tank is hired. When the owner of the tank was contacted to ask what checks they carried out, and to request a new hose, they did not even know this company had one of their tanks.

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Learning from investigations: Bulga Open Cut dump truck collision

About 3.30am on Monday 23 July 2018, an unloaded Caterpillar 793C dump truck (DT122) collided with a Caterpillar 793D dump truck (DT139) at the East Pit of Bulga Open Cut Mine. The cabin of DT122 collided with the rear edge of the tray body of DT139 forcing the two pillars of DT122’s cabin inwards trapping the driver. Onsite rescue personnel freed the driver from the cabin and transported him to hospital by road ambulance. The driver suffered a fractured tibia, laceration to his right eye and minor cuts and bruises.

For the full report visit www.resourcesregulator.nsw.gov.au


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Arc Flash Injury
An employee was repositioning a cable from one MCCB to another. He moved an in-service cable back, out of the way, to create room for the cable migration and in doing so has caused a flashover. At this point we know the flashover occurred on the white phase of the in-service cable to the earthed switchboard frame. 

No further information is available at this point and the incident is under investigation. 

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Fatal 6 - HiPo: Scaffolder with no Fall Arrest Protection

While supervising a team of scaffolders erecting a scaffold, the individual climbed over a walkway handrail onto and along a structural beam with no fall arrest protection (at around 3m height) - the action was a shortcut to complete the task due to a challenge with the job.
- the individual involved was a fully trained advanced scaffolder,
- all permits, risk assessments and method statements in place
- the individual was fully aware that his actions were against training, method statements and not compliant with Work at Height Life Saving Rules and safe working practices


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POTENTIAL CLASS 1 – Working outside EWP basket
Flinders Link Project, 29 June 2019
During an operation to cut and shut high tension overhead traction powerlines a worker has left the Elevated Working Platform (EWP) basket. Two workers had been working in a EWP tensioning lines 5 meters off the ground on an isolated track line when the task was stalled by the weight of the lines resting on the EWP basket rendering the machine inactive. In an attempt to lessen the load to restart the machine and get back to the ground the worker climbed out of the basket secured to the basket and stood on the knuckle of the boom to enable the machine to start again. Once the weight had been lifted the machine started again and the workers returned to the ground.

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