IQA Membership | Grades & Renewals

The IQA Board and Membership Review Committee recently made changes to the requirements for membership grades in the Institute. These changes reflect the current roles in our industry. By aligning the grades more closely to roles, the IQA will achieve greater consistency in its membership grades. For example, any Quarry Manager with the statutory right to practice in their state meets the requirement of the membership grade, Member.

There are a number of current members who meet the requirements of a higher grade. As part of the 2021-22 membership renewal cycle, the IQA team will be working hard to ensure all members are aligned to the correct grade and will be upgraded accordingly.

For the FY22 membership cycle fees for all grades bellow fellow are now uniform, so this upgrade will not disadvantage any member financially. This work builds on the recent changes to the IQA constitution to give more value to members, give all members the right to use postnominals, to vote at the AGM, and to nominate for the board.

Once you renew your 2021-22 IQA membership you will be issued with an electronic member badge and able to use the postnominal aligned to your grade, as listed:

  • Honorary Fellow HFIQ
  • Fellow FIQ
  • Member MIQ
  • Technical Member TMIQ
  • Associate AIQ
  • Operator OMIQ
  • Student SIQ

 Engagement with the peak industry body you work in adds value to career development and networking.  Therefore, the IQA are working on new strategies to engage younger people and more women in events, education and membership.

For the next 6 months the IQA is offering the following:

  • Any new young member (under 35) who is introduced by a member will receive 25% off the young member’s membership for 2021-22
  • Any new female member who is introduced by a member will receive 25% off the new WIQ member’s membership for 2021-22.

The IQA has a long, proud history and many members have been connected to the Institute for 20 or more years. We are pleased to let you know of the introduction of formal member recognition at 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 and 40 years. As well as further recognition for our Fellows.

We look forward to implementing new ways to recognise our members.


If you have any questions regarding membership please contact the IQA’s National Office on phone - (02) 9484 0577 email - [email protected]