Why choose the IQA for Professional Development

The Institute of Quarrying Australia's vision is "Educating and connecting our extractive and associated industries". The IQA believes education and training is a life-long opportunity which should be viewed in the broadest terms, involving initial qualifications gained through vocational and/or tertiary education programs, on the job training and ongoing professional development. 

Continuing professional development is important in the extractive industry as it supports improvements in workplace safety, environmental management, community outcomes and business performance.

The IQA continues to develop and deliver educational platforms, programs, training and recourses that are industry specific and designed to assist in meeting duty of care and competency requirements for statutory positions. As a member-based organisation, the IQA is working to lift the standard within the industry across many areas, including safety, environment and people development.

Whether you are an experienced Quarry Manager, a Quarry Supervisor or operator with years of experience in the industry, a new graduate or someone looking to advance their career or gain professional competencies, continuing professional development is essential. Ongoing education ensures you keep pace with current standards and regulation, have opportunities for areeer progression, and can contribute to a safe work environment.

The IQA offers a range of professional development courses and events such as:

  • Workshops
  • Webinars
  • National conference
  • State-based health and safety seminars
  • State-based environment seminars
  • Women in Quarrying conferences
  • Young Member Network events and tours
  • Partnerships to offer accredited courses and support for quarry manager competencies 
  • Articles, blogs and published information
  • Technical presentations
  • QMCS - Quarry Managers Certification Scheme

For more information on education courses please contact - [email protected]