Australian Capital Territory Branch

IQA Branches facilitate the networking and camaraderie that sets the IQA apart. It is through Branch events that lifelong friendships are made and strong connections with all parts of the industry are forged. Each Branch focuses on events that are relevant to their local area and in line with member needs. The ACT Branch work with the broader industry and host dinner meetings that facilitate education and networking. Adam Bertram (Quarry Manager - Cooma Road Quarry) is the ACT Branch Chair.

ACT Branch Events and Education

Workshops & Webinars

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Plant & Equipment | Online Workshop_AbsorbTesting1/01/2024OnlineThe Plant & Equipment: Safety, Compliance & Best P... Find Out More
Plant & Equipment Safety: Guarding & Isolation | Webinar27/06/2024OnlineThis webinar examines the importance of and requir... Find Out More
Plant & Equipment Safety: Conveyors | Webinar11/07/2024OnlineThis webinar examines the specific risks and contr... Find Out More
Plant & Equipment Safety: Maintenance | Webinar19/07/2024OnlineThis webinar examines the minimum standards for ma... Find Out More
Managing Performance and Behaviour | Online Wo31/07/2024OnlineThe Managing Performance and Behaviour course is d... Find Out More
Introduction to Quarrying | Online Workshop7/08/2024OnlineThe Introduction to Quarrying workshop has been de... Find Out More