IQA Vision and Priorities

The IQA has a long and proud history of connecting the extractive industry and supporting networking and the professional development and careers of those in the extractive industry. This is largely delivered through the connectivity and support provided by IQA's Branches and Sub-Branches. The IQA has a Branch in every state or territory, and a number of Sub-Branches in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. Branches bring our industry together. Being involved through the committee and Branch events is extremely rewarding and will grow your networks, provide opportunities to share ideas and innovation across the quarrying and associated industries.

The IQA delivers technical training for quarry professionals, specific quarry courses and quarry manager training for the extractive industry.

The IQA's Strategic Plan 2020 to 2025 embodies the following vision, values and strategic priorities.

  • Vision:   Educating and connecting the extractive and associated industries. 
  • Values:  A safe and sustainable environment.
                    Diversity and inclusion.
                    Working development skills, careers and life-long learning.
                    Networking, connection, trust and communication.
  • Strategic Priorities:

                        Maximise outcomes for industry through education and sustainable practise.
                        Increase our relevance.
                        A high performing and sustainable organisation.

The IQA strategic plan is set on transforming the way the IQA engages with, and services, the industry, while retaining the networking and connectivity that is so important to supporting career growth, the sharing of ideas, innovation and ways to improve. The IQA is committed to adapting to what the industry needs and supporting the environment that members and non-members operate in.

Membership will remain a key focus for the IQA. However, people from quarries and associated industries will be able to engage through targeted education, online courses, workshops and events that are aligned to state legislation and regulatory priorities. 

IQA 2020 - 2025 Strategic Plan