The IQA Member Code of Conduct


This document provides guidance to members of The Institute of Quarrying Australia (The Institute), whose objectives are set out in its Constitution and can be summarised as follows:
  • Advancement of the science of quarrying in the interests of the public at large;
  • Promoting and fostering area organisations (branches) of persons engaged in the industry;
  • Establishment and maintenance of standards of quality and workmanship in the industry; and,
  • Collaboration and exchange of views with any persons in order to improve working conditions, safety and technology to the benefit of the industry.

Thus, there is a general expectation of all members to seek to improve their knowledge and experience of quarrying, the safety and working conditions of persons employed in the industry, and to protect the environment, the reputation of The Institute and relations between The Institute and the public.

In addition, the Code of Conduct (Code) imposes obligations upon a member to exhibit honesty, probity and integrity. Expectations of ethical behaviour are also placed on members to consider the interests of the public, the employer or client, others and the environment as well as The Institute before personal interest in every case where there is a conflict or a perception of a conflict between these interests.

Definition of Terms

  • In this Code, 'members' shall be taken to mean both corporate and non-corporate members of The Institute;
  • The term 'employer' shall also be taken to mean 'client';
  • The 'industry' shall be taken to mean the quarrying industry including specialist supply companies and others who provide support services;
  • 'He' and 'his' shall be read to include 'she' and 'hers'.
  • 'The public' includes the community affected by the member's activities and can include their cultures.

Conditions of Membership

  • It is a condition of membership that the member abides by the Code and is subject to the disciplinary procedures.
  • Recognition of the power of the Board of The Institute, in accordance with its Constitution, to discipline a member who breach the Code by means of disciplinary proceedings, which include but are not limited to expulsion from The Institute, is also a condition of membership.
  • Acceptance of these conditions is signified by renewal of, or application for, membership by payment of the annual subscription fee or application fee respectively.

Members must

  • have regard for the interests of The Institute and the public;
  • enhance the reputation and pursue the objectives of The Institute;
  • contribute to the training and on-going professional development of others; and;
  • communicate in a way that is not misleading or deceptive.

Use of Designatory Letters Relating to Professional Practicing Status

Members must not abuse the use of Designatory letters (post-nominals) relating to The Institute's Quarry Management Certification Scheme by using or implying the right to use such letters to which he is not entitled.

Health and Safety

When carrying out his duties of employment, the member should have regard for the health, safety and welfare of employees and others for whom he is responsible and that of the public.

Conduct in Employment

  • A member should perform his duties to the best of his ability and act in all matters towards his clients and employers in an ethical and honorable manner.
  • A member, when asked to give advice, must provide an objective, honest opinion that is based on sound data and/or experience and proper enquiry.
  • A member must not knowingly divulge confidential or commercially valuable information gained through employment unless:
    • They have the written permission of the employer; or
    • They are required to do so under law.
  • A member must treat his colleagues and the public with honesty, equity and integrity and not engage in unfair competition or improper conduct.
  • A member must disclose personal interest wherever it might affect a business decision.


  • A member should ensure that he is knowledgeable of current professional concepts, science and technology and maintain knowledge adequate to competently carry out their duties of employment, for example by study, reading, formal or informal training, or enhancing their experience.
  • A member should not undertake work for which he is not competent by virtue of training or experience.

Protection of the Environment

  • A member should protect the environment by taking all reasonable measures to prevent pollution, generation of waste, nuisance and the unnecessary disturbance or destruction of wildlife species or habitat.
  • A member should strive to mitigate the impact of quarrying activities upon local residents and the public.
  • A member should, in the course of carrying out his duties, strive to make most efficient use of natural resources and to reduce energy consumption.

Disciplinary Procedures

It should be noted that a member contravening the Code might be subject to disciplinary action. The disciplinary procedures are contained in Clauses 23, 25, 26, 27 and 28 of the Constitution of The Institute.

IQA Member Code of Conduct download  PDF (166 KB)